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28 Classes

Main Teacher: Adela Filip

Can the Earth feed us?

How to feed 9 billion people?

The project aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of food production and the necessity of feeding the Earth population without harming the planet.

Main Teacher: Florentina Maria Ghisa

Global Perspective Group

The title of our project is: Let' s Quester Bloom!

Main Teacher: Pasqualina Cinque


Five activities for two learning periods of 90 min (first lesson) include the analysis and the calculation of a firm’s profit, the analysis of its costs and how this firm creates and increases its revenue. So, for all these reasons, in the second period of 90 min (second lesson), every group of students designs and creates a customized e-shop, that formulates a real problem. In this way, they understand the mechanism of the market in action.

Main Teacher: Daniel Wójcik

Kryptowaluty - nieprzewidywalne? (Cryptocurrencies - unpredictable?)

Przedmiotem lekcji jest zebranie danych porównujących trend na wybranej kryptowalucie np. bitcoinie i wybranym indeksie giełdowym

The subject of the lesson is to collect data comparing the trend on a selected cryptocurrency, e.g. bitcoin and a selected stock index


Maths II


Science III

Main Teacher: Lupan Silvia

Creation of a magazine

We want to change the mentality about the pollution, the role of people in protecting the environment.

Main Teacher: Leafnet InfoT

Algorithms and Data

Introduction to Algorithms and Data.

Main Teacher: Veronica Cutuli

Classe 5I

Classe 5I

Main Teacher: Mario Ardiri

Classe 4I

PBL  Market Analysis "Stazioni di servizio"

Main Teacher: Paweł Solarz

Mathematics counts

Basics of countings

Main Teacher: Roberto Zanon

Masterclass in Greek cuisine


Main Teacher: ΛΕΝΑ ΦΕΓΓΟΥ

LENA-testing STEAME platform

Summary - Testing the platform

Weather in Rhodes- Module 5
Preview Course

Main Teacher: Filippos Tzortzoglou

Weather in Rhodes- Module 5

This is a demonstrator lesson that will serve as an example for participants at the LTTA of STEAME goes Hybrid project. Through the lesson activities and content, participants will have the chance to explore project-based methodology, tools and practices, by taking the role of students.